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We are currently occupying an area around St Paul's cathedral in central London - see the main site for an outline of recent events. There are other occupations nearby - in Finsbury Square and the School of Ideas (and previously at the Bank of Ideas and Occupy Justice). The original site outside St. Paul's Cathedral is also known as OccupyLSX, a shortening of Occupy London Stock Exchange, as the original target of the occupation was Paternoster Square outside the London Stock Exchange.

The general structure of each day:

  • /General Assembly at 13:00-14:00 and 19:00-21:00. Open public forum to inform, make big decisions, and an opportunity for people to give shout-outs (announcements.)
  • /Spokesperson Meeting with representatives of all working groups. Current aim is to meet Mon, Wed, Fri at 16:00-17:00, though this may change later.
  • /Events List of events, and how to plan one at LSX.

For more specific details of each day, see the calendar.

Please add notes from the meetings to the wiki.


At the start/end of each day, each workgroup should submit progress updates to /Info. The /Tech workgroup will then transfer this to the wiki here. Alternatively, you can edit this wiki yourself. See /Info update for more details.




(*) have dedicated tents/areas at the back
(+) have dedicated tents/areas at the front

How to Help

  • /Vacancies
  • Ask at the info desk how you can help out
  • Geeks, Techies, Engineers and Sysadmins: add yourself as an #lsxtech contact
  • /Wishlist has offers and requests for infrastructure components



Other Occupy London Sites

#occupylsx at IRC
Google moderator submit manifesto ideas, political ideas, and policy ideas


The offical petition to continue the occupation at St Paul's is to be found here

Other Petitions

Many members of the public have expressed support for our Occupation and some have submitted their own personal e-petitions. Please note that the wording is that of the individual petitioner not our GA.

We thank our fellow Occupiers even if they can only Occupy their Homes at the moment and know that they are with us in Spirit!

We present a list of all that we encounter:


Initiatives for monetary reforms

There are a lot of Economists that suggest ways on how to reform the current capitalist system. One area that is largely ignored by mainstream academics and in the literature is the monetary system. The following page summarizes the theories of the different approaches out there for alternative monetary systems.

Initiatives for monetary reforms

Press Debunk


Dedicated media watcher page for Occupywiki

Needle bins at St Paul's camp to beat junkie health hazard

What they said: Needle bins at St Paul's camp to beat junkie health hazard

What we said: Occupy London responds to the Evening Standard

Thermal Image 'Scandal'

Full explanation

Our response to the right-wing media frenzy /2011-10-25 thermal imaging lies.

Boing Boing Has a NEW fun film: "Did British hacks fabricate "empty camp" story?" (Friday, Oct 28)

The Daily Mail fabricating their "stories"

On Thursday the 29th October 2011 a sustained "anti" campaign was published in and by the Daily Mail against the Occupying movement at St. Paul's site. REFERENCE

Early in the hours of this story going to print, our media team received a heads up on the upcoming slanderous story from the tea and empathy welcoming tent. Where the papers for each day come at around 3-4 am before they are even released for sale to the general public. One of our team sees the story (interestingly placed on page 32 lol :P) and immediately began to circulate the Daily Mail to people on the stairs to St. Paul's. After this: our team member was approached by a number of concerned protester's about the man circled in the article. Many of the protesters claimed that the man had expressed a desire to cause violent conflicts around the site with little or no respect to good journalism or tact.

"That guy actually threatened to punch me in the face!" Claimed one worried female protester within 5 minutes of the articles circulation. The worst thing about all this is that papers like the Daily Mail get read by a lot of people throughout England and people trust that they are being fed honest accurate information of the events on site. Funny then that our famous undercover reporter Tom Rawstorne suddenly has his face obscured from view in later prints of the article and even on the website picture, even though our original copy from that morning had a clear and very useful picture of the so called "journalist" trampling his way through the tents outside the cathedral.

If this wasn't enough to disturb anyone, within 10 minutes of the picture and articles circulation, not only were there numerous complaints about the integrity and violent attitude of the reporter, but -much to our dismay- a young protester informs our media team that the 'gun scare' of Wednesday the 28th October was actually fully orchestrated and set up by the reporter himself with help from a funded mole in the camp site.

These facts have been distorted and white washed out of the view of the general public and in my opinion just go to show exactly how fickle and quite obviously controlled our main stream media outlets can be and are being with regards to reporting on this Movement.

So campers, just in case you missed the original article and have only seen the censored image of our beloved espionage and sabotage Daily Mail agent. The Daily Mail have provided a nice photogenic shot of 'undercover agent' Tom elsewhere in their own paper!

DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE. That is our culprit and by all means if you see him around camp. Get your cameras on him. Shoutout to all around and make him feel welcomed: "Whole world is watching!" style. :D