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Welcome to Occupy wiki. This is your wiki page, and anyone can edit it. Register with the link top right to contribute - it takes seconds. If you have an idea for a page for the wiki, add it! It's not difficult to edit a wiki so jump in and be part of the revolution. This wiki is available to be used by all the ongoing occupations.

This wiki has been set up to ensure the privacy and security of users. For more information on this, see OccupyWiki:About. See also wiki improvement ideas.

Main topics

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Guide - for information on setting up and running an occupation.

Category: Occupations - to browse occupations by location.

Occupation categories - to browse occupation topics.

Online infrastructure - for more online contact points

Category: Media - to browse through media


Occupy Global Resources

  1. - the global 15M movement that started all this
  2. - writers for occupy movement
  3. - bitcoin funding for occupy camps
  4. - dave winers stream of news
  5. - a platform collaborative policy development
  6. - an online resource for UK occupations
  7. - UK and Ireland occupation map and info hub. Non-commercial site maintained and updated on a daily basis by Occupy Norwich and Occupy Glasgow
  8. - server up at
  9. - Social Network for Transnational Popular Assemblies/Camps
  10. - Occupy movement forums, currently with an empty Occupy London subforum
  11. -global communications tool. Protocol "One connection (skype account) per occupation - let's keep this manageable."
  12. - a contact spreadsheet of all the Occupy Camps/Support Groups World Wide.
  13. - updates from Occupy sites and related efforts across the United States and the globe.
  14. - various useful pdfs: "The Tactic of Occupation & the Movement of the 99%" etc.


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