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This project is dedicated to looking for and documenting the media ducking their responsibilities.

What we need:

Media monitors - become one.

Over the coming days each print title and broadcast outlet will be given an entry and users invited to comment on the failings of the reporting. Concerns raised will be compiled into a poll and placed on the page for that title/media outlet.

The current vote is for concerns involving the BBC

If your concern isn't listed, then voice it either by commenting on the media outlet's page hosted at our website

or on twitter by tweeting with your concerns/links to #otmp:mediaC

The Good Guys:

Occupied Times

"How the Occupy Movement has Shifted the Media Debate" Occupied Times

Print Media concerns

The Telegraph

Using Unpublished Scientific research papers

Highlighted by the is Bad Science article on a Telegraph story about rape "Asking for it", which used an unpublished and unfinished student's dissertation paper as a basis for an article about rape, distorted to such an extent the original author doesn't agree with the points made in the article it purportedly inspired:


The original article removed from the Telegraph's online site: [2]

Propagating Eurabia myths

Fashionable amongst right wingers across Europe - the myth of the push to make Europe an Islamic caliphate.

Article arguing the support for the Arab Spring is misplaced, taking its inspiration from the bombing of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo: [3]

Politcal correctness gone mad is aiding the arrival of Eurabia: [4]

Propagandising for disgraced News International execs

Announcing Rebekah Brooks involvement with charity ForceSelect Foundation, (listed as part of ForceSelect group, by the Department of Trade and Industry) apparently set up to help ex-military service personnel.[5] ForceSelect Foundation is involved also in the setting up of a new social media shopping channel [6]

Demonisation of the Disabled

Full explanation

Thermal Imaging of Occupy tents

Full explanation

Propagating the Drugusers myth

Full explanation

Daily Mail

Winterval: Christmas under threat

A long running myth started by Melanie Philips and the prime motivator for the EDL sending menacing festive letters to local authorities up and down the land: [7]

Demonisation of the Disabled

Fulle explanation

Stoking Nationalistic fervour

A lenghty article on the "shocking treatment" of servicemen which also mentions the Chief of the General Staff General Lord Dannatt having him "effectively dismissed" by the then Labour government after complaining about cuts to UK military spending budget. He resigned after Cameron came to power. [8]

Demanding positive discrimination for ex-servicemen on housing queues [9]

Mail claims James Murdoch may be questioned by detectives after a stash of "bombshell" emails are discovered in India (12th November 2011)Ref.

The_Daily Mail fabricating their stories! REFERENCE

Politicisation of November 11th

Please donate even more of your money to ex-soldiers is message from Max Hastings at the Daily Mail. (12th November 2011) Ref.

Demonisation of the Disabled

Full explanation

Thermal Imaging of Occupy tents

Full explanation

Propagating the Drugusers myth

Full explanation

The Daily mail concerns page at OTMPeterloo (off site link) [10]

The Sun

Thermal Imaging of Occupy tents

Full explanation

Propagating the Drugusers myth

Full explanation

London Evening Standard

Propagating the Drugusers myth

Full explanation

Demonisation of the Disabled background info

"Mail and Telegraph race to see who can smear more disabled people" [11]

Thermal Imaging background info

This story was run by all of the Murdoch owned titles including "The Australian" and the gamut of UK tabloids. The premiss was that by pointing a thermal imaging camera at the Occupy tents in and around St Pauls, it would show if the tents were occupied at night or not. This failed to take into account the camera coudn't penetrate the tent, the insulating properties of the tent, atmospheric conditions and rate of breathing of the occupants.

video rebuttal by protesters

Thermal Imaging of Occupy tents Occupywiki entry on this story

New Statesman

It didn't however stop the story which ran from late October to early September in 2011.

Daily Mail The Sun Daily Telegraph The Australian

Propagating the Drugusers myth background info

Published in a week when London Corporation released its 88 page document support for its case against Occupy London [12]. Various newspapers referred to them as a report on the state or not of the St Paul's camp.

London Evening Standard [13]

Daily Mail [14]

Daily Telegraph [15]




Join in and register your concern.

Inadequacies of BBC coverage of the EU financial crisis. (Think Left; 11th November 2011)

"BBC reporting: redefining privatisation"

BBC 'cheap programming' scandal exposed

"Media [BBC] Focuses on Drama Rather than Ideas at Occupy London"


14 Propaganda Techniques Fox 'News' (vide Sky) Uses to Brainwash Americans- The good news is that the more conscious you are of these techniques, the less likely they are to work on you. Ref.